Journal: 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Writing

Simple Steps to help your journal writing

The act of writing in a journal makes me feel better. Whether I am in the midst of a hard time in my life or experiencing a moment of unbridled joy, journaling makes my world seem more real and manageable. As the saying goes, “Life has a way of making other plans”. While I would […]

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

idea - if nothing changes, nothing changes

At the ODAAT group in Plano, Texas the noon meeting had several crusty old retired guys (who were about my current age!) that laid out the same ol’ wisdom every time they shared. We newcomers laughed that even though the topic changes, the words remained the same. We thought about having an AA Saying Bingo […]

HALT! Don’t Go There!

Lonely - Even in a crowd

It should go without saying that a person in sobriety should not get Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (HALT), but that is where we find ourselves quite often. One (or all) of these can lead to a loss of serenity, or worse… a relapse into our addiction. Why HALT? As an alcoholic, self-awareness was never […]

Sober? Have a Drink Tomorrow!

Sober Today - Tomorrow is another day!

I am going to let you in on a secret: Not all days I have been sober have been happy, fun and life-affirming. In sobriety, I have been through the deaths of family and friends, relationship breakup, loss of a job, toxic work environments and so much more! It wasn’t all bad though! My sober […]